The corporation Dritsas Andreas & Sons, headquartered in Nafplio undertakes the unblocking and emptying of septic tanks. Our 35-year experience in the service of corporations and of entire tourist areas, located along the coastline of the Argolic gulf, as well as of other companies and individuals, our many years of constant cooperation with all the Municipal undertakings of water supply and sewerage, our constant effort to provide our services in such a way that we can always help and never impede the activities of our customers, always make us proud and consist a guarantee of the quality of our services. 

We undertake:
1) Any kind of unblocking and emptying of septic tanks in Argolis, 
    Arcadia and other neighbouring prefectures.
2) The service and maintenance of biological treatment facilities. 

For the unblocking of septic tanks we dispose of 2 vehicles equipped with high pressure waterjet devices, which can provide unblocking solutions to problems in public or private sewage or rainwater drainage systems and pipelines of all diameters and lengths. For the emptying of septic tanks we dispose of 3 three axle tank trucks of a capacity of 15,200 litres each, and our latest addition, the only in Argolis and Arcadia, five axle semi-trailer tank truck of a capacity of 25,000 litres.

​With a firm commitment to the values of honesty and consistency, always trying to consist “the solution” and never “the problem” of our client, having a great experience, offering our services at reasonable prices and having a modern fleet, we are willing and able of meeting all your needs and requirements.